Seattle High School Senior Portraits (Destination)

" Be your own kind of Beautiful"

...And thats just what Samaria was. So fun and full of life, it was so refreshing to watch her enthusiasm as we moved from one location to another. She made me reminisce on sweet adolescence, when every next step in life was full of anticipation and excitement. She was definitely her own kind of unique beautiful. She also made me realize that I can enjoy every bit of every minute with a carefree joy just like her, even if I've grown past that stage. It's so nice to pull strength and love from one other with our interactions. Thank you Samaria for such an amazing experience. I gained from your shoot just as much as you did. Enjoy! xoxo 


West Palm High School Senior Portraits

"Beauty is how you feel on the inside...and it reflects in your eyes"

Sabri and I had so much fun on our senior shoot together! Meeting girls like Sabri gives me hope for the future! She was full of personality and had me laughing our entire shoot. I just know she is going to contribute great things to this society. Look out world, Bri is coming!!! xoxo

High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits

Just what is the new trend of high school senior portraits? Well...we are living in a modern age right? Then the images should look like it! I want to create a new experience for our high school seniors here in south Florida, one they will never forget. Enjoy! xo